Welcome to our Cattery!
A New Standard In Feline Accomodations
By appt only, no drop ins please

Welcome to A Feline Inn we are Calgary 's finest cat boarding kennel and pet hotel. Our accommodations for your cats has been designed from the ground up with their comfort and curiosity in mind. Large windows, skylights to view the birds and our large play area has been designed to replicate a cozy living room, we've even put in a 42" plasma TV for viewing movies and we play music all day long for your pets to enjoy. The cattery is fully heated and air conditioned, alarmed and monitored by CCTV cameras at all times.


We are located within the city of Calgary and are within 10 – 12 minutes from the Calgary International Airport.  If you are unable to bring your cat or cats to our boarding kennels then we would be happy to pick them up at your door for a cost of $15 for up to 5 cats. Our feline guests will be entertained throughout the day by gazing at our feathered friends enjoying the bird bath, butterflies and bees in the flowers.

We invite you to take the short drive to our boarding kennels and see for yourself why we come so highly recommended by all our customers.

A Feline Inn also provides assistance to the ARF Society in respect to fostering homeless or abandoned cats in our kennel.

A Feline Inn would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, family, friends and
customers, who have been involved in making our business the success it is today.

Owners worry more about leaving their cat when they go on holiday than the cat does! In our experience, the majority of cats settle in within one to four hours after being dropped off. So, enjoy your holiday and certainly don't worry about your feline friend. Although they are happy to see their owners return, most are fully enjoying exploring a short while after you walk out of our door.


Each cat is treated like our own, loved, kissed and played with frequently throughout the day/evening.  Your pets happiness is always on our minds, even the most timid of cats become less shy.  We administer shots for diabetic cats and oral medications at no additional cost to you.  For new clients with pets who have diabetes we ask that you book a 2 day trial visit in our kennel, this enables us to see how well your cat reacts to an unfamiliar person administering their injections.

-Spacious Kennels with lofts & garden views
-Fresh air ventilation system
-Filtered water & temperature controlled
-No extra charge for Diabetic shots or medication
-Kitty climbers, walkways & scratch posts
-Pick up and drop off services available.



Kennel Requirements
All cats staying in our kennel should be healthy and free of contagious diseases. We ask that your cat be up to date with its FVRCP vaccinations with the appropriate documentation (we require that all vaccinations be administered by your veterinarian at least 2 weeks/14days prior to your visit unless vaccinations are already up to date *no exceptions!). Please be aware that unlike other kennels we do not provide food for your cat as we find it to be hard on them switching up their diet, especially while in a new environment so please bring along as much food as will be necessary for the duration of your cats stay. In order to help keep your cat as comfortable as possible, we encourage owners to bring along a small blanket or item of clothing that can be left with the cat to provide your pet with a sense of home and a familiar scent.